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May 20th, 2012

My bf/car racing afficionado and I went to Mosport we drove the short trip down the 115 to get there he excitedly told me about all the wonderful changes since last year - better roads, a new archway/overpass, more stuff for kids to do, etc. I couldn't believe my eyes when we turned in and for the first time in years, the hills were alive with....campers! RVs, tents, day tents, kids and babies and families all over the place. Congratulations to the new owners.
Oh, and btw the racing was great too. Hats off to the announcers whose constant well-informed patter helped me to follow what was going on.
A great day. Looking forward to future improvements too, and tie-ins to beautiful Peterborough and the surrounding Kawarthas.

Jane from Peterborough, Ontario - Canada
May 6th, 2012

May 6 2012 just got home from watching great club racing. Great day and fantastic racing. can't wait till may 24.improvment are great. Rick@corner8

rick from ,
February 15th, 2012

Congratulations to the new Mosport ownership supergroup....yes, we are biased for our friendship with some of the owners, but believe us folks, this facility is and will be one of the select motorsports centres in the world. These gentlemen are taking the Mosport 'transformation' extremely seriously, just watch them ! Best of luck from here on in gentlemen.

Mac in Scarborough

Mac from Scarborough, Ontario
December 13th, 2011

Kay and I are avid ALMS fans. The Vintage Festival by Wilson Niblett Chevrolet will be another must see event. The improvements by the new owners will make our stay memorable. In1969, we were in a pup tent, now an RV is home. We cannot wait for the new season to start.
Congratulations to Ron, Al and Carlo for some great work. The New Mosport will be a big hit for all of us.

Scott from Caledon, Ontario - Canada
June 28th, 2011

I have been coming to Mosport since the early 70's
and have lots of Great Memories. The park has changed over the years and this is Good.
We have changed too, such as camping in a tent when we were young to now camping in a moter home. In that department Mosport has to make some improvements. We camp in the family camping area around corner 8. Access to the area
is difficult. I would like to see the new owners
( Ron Fellows ) make some improvements to that particular gate, by either making a completly new one or by simply taking out one section of fence to allow RV ' to make the turn into the area without worrying about taking out a side panel. A proper dumping station would be a Bonus. It's a great thing to improve the track for the racers, but what about the spectaters Please bring it up at your next meeting . Thanks !

Jurgen from Keswick, Ontario - Canada
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